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Welcome to Jayson Blair.com: This site has been up since a couple of days after the New York Times printed an extraordinary 7,500 article outlining how one of its reporters had consistently and comprehensively lied in his articles over several years.

That was in June 2003. In the successive months, the US media went into a frenzy, the New York Times editor was forced to resign, and a newspaper of record was dealt a massive blow to its credibility. It is now March 2004, and the Jayson Blair story continues to create trouble. With Jayson's book due imminently detailing his side of the whole affair and with his name synonymous with falsifying information, it is clear that Jayson Blair is a case that will have lifelong implications.

This site plans to outline the case, show what happened, how, why and what effect this has had and will have on the media in general.

Latest news

I have finally posted an update on 1 June 2004 which covers the latest saga at the Times - namely more self-flagellation over the pre-war Iraq stories that have now been disowned by the Times as "insufficiently qualified". Namely, they were based on dodgy testimony by Ahmad Chalabi. The timing is interesting in that Chalabi is now being investigated by the US administration that previously held him up as an Iraqi poster boy.

Read the latest update here.

There is a huge amount of material to go through and make sense of so this is very much a project in progress. As of this moment, [the lies] section is half-done and [the case] section started. [the latest] part is a collection of the occasional updates that have previously made up this site.

As more is added, it will be pointed out on this front page. By the end of it, there will hopefully be an excellent resource for the future that covers one of the most extraordinary cases in US media history. As time slips by, it seems inevitable that the whole saga will be encapsulated in an inaccurate soundbite. With luck, this site will keep it open for those that want to know more.