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Who runs this site?

A British freelance journalist called Kieren McCarthy. He writes mostly for IT publications like The Register; news edits Techworld.com; is writing a book on the Sex.com saga; as well as various Internet short stories; plus some medical and financial journalism in the UK.

Why has he gone to the bother?

As soon as he saw The New York Times dedicated a huge amount of space to beating itself with a birch, he realised that this was going to be an important event in history. As a journalist with an ongoing interest in the media, how it works and how it's changing, Kieren figured he'd set up a website to cover what was happening. This is it.

Why is the site design a bit funny?

It is, you will note, all a bit skewed. Blue bits here, white bits there, text going where it shouldn't. It's intentional, believe it or not. It's making a comment about the skewed Mr Blair, and the fact that his stories were not really fitting in as they were supposed to be.

What if I want to email the owner for some reason?

Then use the email address kieren@kierenmccarthy.co.uk.

What about an official Jayson Blair site?

You can find that at www.jayson-blair.com